Graco Inc. 223451 Paint Sprayer User Manual

308018 35
Tube and Shroud Removal/Replacement
1. Prepare the gun for service as instructed on page
2. Remove the air cap, nozzle and resistor stud, and
electrode as instructed on page 29.
3. Loosen the nut (14) and disconnect the fluid tube
(12) from the bracket/fluid fitting (16). See the
Parts Drawing on page 36.
4. Remove the trigger (13) for ease of disassembly.
5. Pull the shroud (10) forward, away from the gun
barrel (3), until the shroud opening passes over
the gun barrel threads.
6. Continue to remove the shroud (10) by grasping
the bottom as shown in Fig. 24 and pushing up
towards the barrel (3) while twisting the shroud off.
7. Remove the ferrules (9) and nut (14) from the tube
assembly (12). See the Parts Drawing on page
8. Slide the shroud (10) off the fluid tube (12).
9. Loosen the fluid tube fitting from the gun barrel.
10. Replace any worn or damaged parts.
11. Reassemble the gun as instructed in Converting
a PRO 3500SC Spray Gun to a PRO 3500HC
Spray Gun on page 6.
Fig. 24