Graco Inc. 223451 Paint Sprayer User Manual

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Pressure Relief Procedure
The system pressure must be manually relieved to
prevent the system from starting or spraying acci-
dentally. To reduce the risk of an injury from electric
shock, accidental spray from the gun, splashing
fluid, or moving parts, follow the Pressure Relief
Procedure whenever you:
D are instructed to relieve the pressure,
D stop spraying,
D check or service any of the system equipment,
D or install or clean the fluid nozzle.
1. Turn the ES ONOFF Lever to OFF.
2. Turn off the air and fluid supply to the gun.
3. Trigger the gun into a grounded metal waste
container to relieve fluid pressure.
4. Open the pump drain valve, having a waste con-
tainer ready to catch the drainage.
5. Leave the pump drain valve open until you are
ready to spray again.
Filter the Fluid
Filter the fluid to remove coarse particles and sediment
which could clog the spray nozzle.
3 in. (76 mm) square cut out and finger of glove cut off
NOTE: If gloves are worn, they must be conductive or
modified as shown so they do not interfere with operator
grounding through the gun.
Fig. 3
Operating Checklist
Check the following list daily, before starting to operate
the system, to help ensure safe, efficient operation.
____ 1. All the operators are properly trained to
safely operate an electrostatic air spray
system as instructed in this manual.
____ 2. All the operators are trained how to properly
relieve pressure as instructed at left.
____ 3. The system is thoroughly grounded and the
operator and all persons entering the spray
area are properly grounded. See Ground
the System, page 10.
____ 4. The operator is not wearing gloves which
insulate the hand from the spray gun. If
worn, gloves must be conductive or modified
as shown in Fig. 3 so as not to interfere with
the operator grounding through the gun.
____ 5. The condition of the electrical components of
the spray gun has been checked as
instructed in Electrical Tests, page 21.
____ 6. The ventilation fans are operating properly.
____ 7. The workpiece hangers are clean and
grounded. Contact points must be sharp
points or like knife edges.
____ 8. All the debris, including flammable liquids
and rags, is removed from the spray area.
____ 9. All flammable liquids in the spray booth are
in approved, grounded containers.
____ 10. All conductive objects in the spray area are
electrically grounded and the floor of the
spray area is electrically conductive and