Graco Inc. 223451 Paint Sprayer User Manual

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Turbine Alternator Replacement
NOTE: Replace turbine bearings after 2,000 hours of
operation. See your authorized Graco distributor.
1. Prepare the gun for service as instructed on page
2. Remove the power cartridge from the gun handle
as instructed on page 29.
3. Squeeze the two ends of the retaining ring (35)
together and carefully pull the alternator (37) away
from the power supply until the 3-wire connector
(F) disengages. See Fig.18, page 29.
4. Use an ohmmeter to test the turbine alternator coil.
Measure the resistance between the two outer
terminals of the 3-wire connector (F). The
resistance should be 3 to 5 ohms. If the reading
varies from this value, replace the alternator.
5. Measure the resistance between each outer
terminal of the 3-wire connector and the turbine
alternator housing. The resistance should be
infinite. If the resistance is not infinite, replace the
6. Connect the 3-wire connector to the 3 prongs in
the power supply. Push the alternator onto the
power supply until the retaining ring engages with
the alternator.
7. Install the power cartridge in the gun handle as
instructed on page 29.
Barrel Installation
1. Be sure the gaskets (34 & 18a) and spring (30) are
in place. See Fig. 19. Replace if damaged.
2. Place the barrel (3) over the power cartridge (18)
and onto the gun handle (7). Make sure the fluid
needle spring (30) is seated properly.
3. Tighten the three socket head cap screws (5)
oppositely and evenly to 18 in-lbs (2 NSm) maxi-
mum (about a half turn past snug) with the wrench
(63) supplied.
To avoid damaging the gun, do not over-tighten the
cap screws (5).
4. Assemble the fluid tube (12) back into the fluid
5. Test the gun resistance as instructed on page 21.
Fig. 19
Tighten to 18 in-lbs (2 NSm) maximum (about half turn past
snug), using wrench provided.