Graco Inc. 223451 Paint Sprayer User Manual

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Air Trigger Valve Repair
1. Prepare the gun for service as instructed on page
2. Using a 14 mm socket wrench, remove the fluid
adjustment assembly (45), o-ring (23) and spring
(44). See Fig. 21.
Clean all parts in non-conductive solvent compatible
with the fluid being used, such as xylol or mineral
spirits. Use of conductive solvents can cause the gun
to malfunction.
3. Loosen the air valve packing nut (40) one full turn.
Remove the air valve shaft (39) with a pliers.
When removing the air valve shaft (39) be careful not
to damage the seat area.
4. Check the o-rings (41, 23) for damage and replace
if necessary. Apply petroleum jelly to the o-rings.
Do not over-lubricate parts. Excessive lubricant on
the o-ring (41) and air valve shaft (39) can be pushed
into the gun air passage and blemish the finish on
the workpiece.
5. Unscrew the packing nut (40) to check the u-cup
(42). Do not remove the u-cup unless it is dam-
6. Install the air valve shaft (39), with the o-ring (41),
and spring (44), into the back of the gun handle
(7). If the u-cup (42) was removed, install the air
valve shaft (39) before installing the u-cup. Install
the u-cup with its lips facing into the gun handle.
7. Install the fluid adjustment assembly (45), with the
o-ring (23). Tighten the adjustment knob (45c) with
the 14 mm socket wrench. Tighten the air valve
packing nut (40) until it bottoms.
Atomizing Air Valve Removal and
1. Prepare the gun for service as instructed on page
2. Remove the fan air valve (43). See Fig. 22.
To avoid damaging the atomizing air valve (31), the
fan air valve (43) must be removed before removing
the atomizing air valve.
3. Remove the atomizing air valve (31) from the gun
handle. Inspect the o-ring (19) and replace if
4. Install a new atomizing air valve (31).
5. Apply PTFE paste to the fan air valve (43) housing
threads and install the valve in the handle. Torque
the housing to 10 to 12 in-lb (1.1 to 1.4 NSm).
Fig. 22
Apply PTFE paste to the valve housing threads (43d); Torque to
1012 in-lb (1.11.4 NSm)