Graco Inc. 223451 Paint Sprayer User Manual

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Electrical Troubleshooting
Problem Cause Solution
Poor wrap-around The ES ON-OFF lever is in the OFF (O)
Turn the lever to ON (1).
The distance between the gun and work-
piece is incorrect.
Adjust the spraying distance to 8 to 12 inches
(203 to 305 mm)
The parts are poorly grounded. Clean the workpiece hangers. Check for
proper grounding on the conveyer or track.
The booth exhaust velocity is too high. Reduce exhaust velocity within code limits.
The atomizing air pressure is too high. Reduce the atomizing air pressure.
The fluid pressure is too high. Reduce the fluid pressure.
The fluid viscosity is not right for electros-
tatic spray.
Check with the supplier for proper fluid viscos-
ity for electrostatic spray.
The fluid resistivity is too low. Check the fluid resistivity with a paint meter
and probe.
The turbine alternator is not operating.* Check if the ES ON-OFF lever is ON (1).
Check the air supply to the gun. Check for dirt
or moisture in the turbine. See page 30.
The gun resistance is faulty. Check the gun resistance. See page 21.
Fluid leaks from the needle packing and
causes a short.
Clean the needle cavity. Replace the fluid
needle. See page 28.
The turbine alternator is faulty. Be sure the plug is in place on the back of the
turbine alternator housing. Remove and test
the turbine alternator. See page 30.
Operator gets a mild shock The operator is not properly grounded or
is near an ungrounded object.
Be sure the floor and the operator are properly
grounded. See Ground the System, page 10.
The gun is not properly grounded. See Check the Electrical Grounding,
page 11.
Operator gets a shock when
touching the workpiece
The workpiece is not properly grounded. Clean workpiece hangers. Check for proper
grounding on the conveyor or track.
* ES indicator light is not on when the gun is triggered.