Wagner SprayTech 27 - 31 Paint Sprayer User Manual

Super Finish 27 • 31
Cleaning unit from outside
spray gun is alternately opened and closed.
In case of coating materials diluted with
Fill upper hopper with suitable cleaning agent.1.
Switch on unit, set multifunction switch to
(ON -
Operate unit for a few minutes in circuit with spray gun
closed (without tip).
Set multifunction switch to 4. (spray).
Pull trigger guard on spray gun.5.
Pump cleaning agent into a separate, open container until 6.
the unit is empty.
In the case of coating materials containing sol-
vents, the container must be earthed.
See safety regulations.
Switch o unit, set multifunction switch to 7.
First of all pull out mains plug from socket.
Leave the suction system submerged in the coating
material or submerge it into the appropriate cleaning agent.
Suction lter and unit should not dry out.
In using quick-drying - or two-component
coating material, do not fail to rinse unit
through with a suitable cleaning agent during
the processing period.
8. 
Cleanliness is the surest guarantee for disturbance-free opera-
tion. Always clean the unit after completing spraying work. In
no event may residue of the coating material dry and collect
in the unit. The cleaning agent used for cleaning (only with
a ash point of over 21 °C) must correspond to the coating
see operating manual for spray gun.
Dismount tip and clean, see page 45, point 13.2.
Remove suction system from the material vessel, e.g. put
unit in the horizontal set-up position.
Switch on unit, set multifunction switch to
circulation) and further to (spray).
Pull the trigger guard on the spray gun in order to pump
residue coating material from the suction pipe, the high-
pressure hose and the spray gun into an open container.
In case of coating material containing solvents,
the vessel must be earthed.
Submerge suction system in a suitable cleaning agent.4.
Set multifunction switch to 5.
Screw on spray gun on suction pipe (g. 12) with the two 6.
accompanying spanners 22 mm.
Set multifunction switch to 7. (ON – circulation).
Pump suitable cleaning agent in the circuit for approx.
1 minute.
Pull trigger guard on spray gun and hold with clamp.9.
Set multifunction switch to 10. (spray).
Clean suction pipe for about three minutes.11.
Rinse in circuit – set multifunction switch to 12. (ON).
Close spray gun.13.
When cleaning with water, repeat procedure for about three
minutes with clear water.
Switch o unit – set multifunction switch to 15. (OFF).
Cleaning unit (shutting down operation)