Wagner SprayTech 27 - 31 Paint Sprayer User Manual

Super Finish 27 • 31
Remedy in case of disturbance
9. 
  Measure for elimination of mal-
 No voltage.
Fuse protection has reacted. For example
an agitator is connected to the socket
on the unit. This agitator has not been
switched o before switching on the
unit Super Finish 27 or 31.
The unit switches o automatically in
case of overloading. The green control
lamp in the multifunction switch
Check voltage supply
First switch on the unit Super nish 27 or
31 and then, for example, the connected
The green control light will light up again
after 2 - 3 minutes. Then set multifunction
switch to (OFF).
Switch unit on again (ON –
circulation), then set multifunction switch
to (spray).
 
Filter extends beyond the liquid level
and sucks in air.
Suction lter congested.
Suction pipe not tightened, i.e. the unit
sucks in ancillary air.
Device with upper hopper:
Filter disk congested.
Inlet valve trigger leaks, sucks in
ancillary air.
Super Finish 27:
Inlet valve is clogged, cannot be pressed
down into inlet valve housing.
Inlet valve is clogged
Rell coating material.
Clean or replace suction lter.
Clean and tighten connections.
Clean or replace lter disk.
Replace stripper and O-ring, see page 37,
point 11.1.
Switch o unit -
Inlet valve must allow movement; test by
pressing the inlet valve slightly with a soft
implement (e.g. a pencil). Moving the inlet
valve back and forth removes impurities
from the valve seat. If this does not help,
screw the inlet valve out of the paint section
and clean it, refer to page 37, point 11.2.
Switch o unit - (OFF)
Press inlet valve trigger (g. 17, item 1) several
times; this releases the clogged inlet valve.
-never hit the inlet valve
trigger with a hammer.