Wagner SprayTech 27 - 31 Paint Sprayer User Manual

Super Finish 27 • 31
Safety regulations / General view of application
Adequate ventilation must be guaranteed for the removal
of the solvent vapours.
Suction installations
These are to be set-up by the user of the unit according to lo-
cal regulations.
The object to be coated must be earthed.
When cleaning the unit with solvents, the solvent
should never be sprayed or pumped back into a
container with a small opening (bunghole). An ex-
plosive gas/air mixture can be produced. The con-
tainer must be earthed.
Danger of short circuit through penetrating
or high-pressure steam cleaners.
Socket on unit
Only carry out damp cleaning in the area of the socket
and the multifunction switch when the mains plug is re-
Only have this work carried out by a qualied electrician.
No liability will be taken for incorrect installation.
Setting-up on uneven surfaces
The front side of the unit must point downwards to prevent
sliding away. (g. 1)
2. 
 
All painting jobs in the workshop and on the building site,
small and large-area dispersion work with the spray gun or in-
ternally fed Airless roller, corrosion and re protection.
Doors, door frames, balustrades, furniture, wooden cladding,
fences, radiators (heating) and steel parts, internal ceilings and
walls, and also façades, basement garages, re and noise pro-
tection for steel and wooden construction.
2.2 
Pay attention to the Airless quality of the
coating materials to be processed.
Dilutable lacquers and paints or those containing solvents,
two-component coating materials, dispersions, latex paints,
façade paints, roof and attic coatings, re and corrosion pro-
tection material.
No other materials should be used for spraying without WAG-
NER’s approval.
In spite of the suction lter, the insertion lter in the spray gun
and the high-pressure lter obtainable as accessory, ltering
of the coating material is to be recommended in general.
Stir coating material before commencement of work.