Wagner SprayTech 27 - 31 Paint Sprayer User Manual

Super Finish 27 • 31
Description of unit
Attention: Make sure, when stirring up with
motor-driven agitators that no air bubbles are
stirred in. Air bubbles disturb when spraying and
can, in fact , lead to interruption of operation.
With this unit it is possible to process highly viscous coating
materials of up to around 25.000 mPa·s.
If highly viscous coating materials cannot be taken in by suc-
tion, they must be diluted in accordance with the manufac-
turer’s instructions.
The appropriate processing time must be adhered to exactly.
Within this time rinse through and clean the unit meticulously
with the appropriate cleaning materials.
    
These have a strong wear and tear eect on valves,
high-pressure hose, spray gun and tip. The durability of
these parts cane be reduced appreciably through this.
 
The main areas of application are thick layers of highly viscous
coating material for large areas and a high consumption of
A diaphragm pump takes in the coating material by suction
and conveys it to the tip. Pressed through the tip at a pressure
of up to a maximum of 250 bar (25 MPa), the coating material
is atomised. This high pressure has the eect of micro ne at-
omisation of the coating material.
As no air is used in this process, it is described as an AIRLESS
This method of spraying has the advantages of nest atomisa-
tion, cloudless operation and a smooth, bubblefree surface. As
well as these, the advantages of the speed of work and con-
venience must be mentioned.
 
In the following there is a short description of the technical
construction for better understanding of the function.
WAGNER Super Finish 27 and 31 are electrically driven high-
pressure spraying units.
The electric motor (g. 2, item 1) drives the pump by means of
a toothed belt (2).
In the pump the diaphragm (3) is moved up and down by
means of hydraulic oil.
The inlet valve is opened independently through the down-
ward movement of the diaphragm.
The outlet valve is opened by means of the upward movement
of the diaphragm. The coating material ows under high pres-
sure through the high-pressure hose to the spray gun. The
coating material is atomised when owing out of the tip.
The pressure regulating valve (4) controls the operating pres-
sure and the quantity of the conveyed coating material.