Wagner SprayTech 27 - 31 Paint Sprayer User Manual

Super Finish 27 • 31
tions. The product has to be sent without charge or presented
together with the original purchase document that includes
details of the purchase date and the name of the product. In
order to claim for an extension to the guarantee, the guaran-
tee certicate must be included.
The costs as well as the risk of loss or damage to the product
in transit or by the centre that accepts the guarantee claims
or who delivers the repaired product, are the responsibility of
the customer.
Guarantee claims cannot be considered
for parts that are subject to wear and tear due to use or other
natural wear and tear, as well as defects in the product that
are a result of natural wear and tear, or wear and tear due
to use. This includes in particular cables, valves, packaging,
jets, cylinders, pistons, means-carrying housing components,
lters, pipes, seals, rotors, stators, etc. Damage due to wear and
tear that is caused in particular by sanded coating materials,
such as dispersions, plaster, putty, adhesives, glazes, quartz
in the event of errors in devices that are due to non-compliance
with the operating instructions, unsuitable or unprofessional
use, incorrect assembly and/or commissioning by the buyer
or by a third party, or utilisation other than is intended,
abnormal ambient conditions, unsuitable coating materials,
unsuitable operating conditions, operation with the incorrect
mains voltage supply/frequency, over-operation or defective
servicing or care and/or cleaning.
for errors in the device that have been caused by using
accessory parts, additional components or spare parts that
are not original Wagner parts.
for products to which modications or additions have been
carried out.
for products where the serial number has been removed or
is illegible
for products to which attempts at repairs have been carried
out by unauthorised persons.
for products with slight deviations from the target properties,
which are negligible with regard to the value and usability of
the device.
for products that have been partially or fully taken apart.
5. Additional regulations.
The above guarantees apply exclusively to products that have
been bought by authorised specialist shops in the EU, CIS,
Australia and are used within the reference country.
If the check shows that the case is not a guarantee case, repairs
are carried out at the expense of the buyer.
The above regulations manage the legal relationship to us
concludingly. Additional claims, in particular for damages and
losses of any type, which occur as a result of the product or
its use, are excluded from the product liability act except with
regard to the area of application.
Claims for liability for defects to the specialist trader remain
German law applies to this guarantee. The contractual lan-
guage is German. In the event that the meaning of the German
and a foreign text of this guarantee deviate from one another,
the meaning of the German text has priority.
J. Wagner GmbH
Division Professional Finishing
Otto Lilienthal Strasse 18
88677 Markdorf
Federal Republic of Germany
Subject to modications · Printed in Germany