Wagner SprayTech 27 - 31 Paint Sprayer User Manual

Super Finish 27 • 31
Important notes on product liability
As a result of an EC regulation being eective as from January
1, 1990, the manufacturer shall only be liable for his product
if all parts come from him or are released by him, and if the
devices are properly mounted and operated.
If the user applies outside accessories and spare parts, the
manufacturer´s liability can fully or partially be inapplicable;
in extreme cases usage of the entire device can be prohibited
by the competent authorities (employer´s liability insurance
association and factory inspectorate division).
Only the usage of original WAGNER accessories and spare
parts guarantees that all safety regulations are observed.
Declaration of conformity
Herewith we declare that the supplied version of
Complies with the following provisons applying to it:
Applied harmonized standards, in particular:
Applied national technical standards and specications,
in particular:
Executive Ocer Signature Head of Development
In observance of the European Directive 2002/96/EC on waste
electrical and electronic equipment and implementation in
accordance with national law, this product is not to be dis-
posed of together with household waste material but must be
recycled in an environmentally friendly way!
Wagner or one of our dealers will take back your used Wagner
waste electrical or electronic equipment and will dispose of
it for you in an environmentally friendly way. Please ask your
local Wagner service centre or dealer for details or contact us
(Status 01.02.2009)
All Wagner professional colour application devices (hereaf-
ter referred to as products) are carefully inspected, tested
and are subject to strict checks under Wagner quality as-
surance. Wagner exclusively issues extended guarantees
to commercial or professional users (hereafter referred to
as "customer") who have purchased the product in an au-
thorised specialist shop, and which relate to the prod-
ucts listed for that customer on the Internet under
The buyer's claim for liability for defects from the purchase
agreement with the seller as well as statutory rights are not
impaired by this guarantee.
We provide a guarantee in that we decide whether to replace
or repair the product or individual parts, or take the device
back and reimburse the purchase price. The costs for materials
and working hours are our responsibility. Replaced products
or parts become our property.
2. Guarantee period and registration
The guarantee period amounts to 36 months. For industrial
use or equal wear, such as shift operations in particular, or in
the event of rentals it amounts to 12 months.
Systems driven by petrol or air are also guaranteed for a 12
month period.
The guarantee period begins with the day of delivery by the
authorised specialist shop. The date on the original purchase
document is authoritative.
For all products bought in authorised specialist shops from
01.02.2009 the guarantee period is extended to 24 months
providing the buyer of these devices registers in accordance
with the following conditions within 4 weeks of the day of de-
livery by the authorised specialist shop.
Registration can be completed on the Internet under
The guarantee certicate is valid as conrmation, as is the
original purchase document that carries the date of the pur-
chase. Registration is only possible if the buyer is in agreement
with having the data being stored that is entered during reg-
When services are carried out under guarantee the guarantee
period for the product is neither extended nor renewed.
Once the guarantee period has expired, claims made against
the guarantee or from the guarantee can no longer be en-
If defects can be seen in the materials, processing or perform-
ance of the device during the guarantee period, guarantee
claims must be made immediately, or at the latest within a pe-
riod of 2 weeks.
The authorised specialist shop that delivered the device is enti-
tled to accept guarantee claims. Guarantee claims may also be
made to the service centres named in our operating instruc-