D-Link DSL-G684T Router User Manual

DSL-G684T Wireless ADSL Router User Guide
zeros - 0:0:0:0:0:0 - and click the Clone MAC Address button.
Cloned MAC Address
To clone the MAC address of your computer’s Ethernet adapter, type in the
MAC address in the Cloned MAC Address field and then click this Clone
MAC Address button.
The Maximum Transmission Unit size may be changed if you want to
optimize efficiency for uploading data through the WAN interface. The
default setting (1400 bytes) should be suitable for most users. Some user
may want to adjust the setting to optimize performance for wireless traffic
or when low latency is desired (such as with Internet gaming). It is highly
recommended that the user research how adjusting the MTU may affect
network traffic for better or worse.
Network Address Translation may be enabled or disabled with the pull-
down menu. Keep in mind that disabling NAT allows only a single computer
to be used for Internet access through the Router. NAT is enabled and
disabled for the Router on all connections (i.e. Pvc0 – Pvc7) if your Router
is set up for multiple virtual connections.
Use this to universally enable or disable the Firewall and Filter features
available in the Router. If you disable this you will not be able to configure
settings in the Firewall Configuration window or Filters windows in the
Advanced directory.