D-Link DSL-G684T Router User Manual

DSL-G684T Wireless ADSL Router User Guide
Installation Notes
In order to establish a connection to the Internet it will be necessary to provide information to the Router that will be
stored in its memory. For some users, only their account information (Username and Password) is required. For others,
various parameters that control and define the Internet connection will be required. You can print out the two pages
below and use the tables to list this information. This way you have a hard copy of all the information needed to setup
the Router. If it is necessary to reconfigure the device, all the necessary information can be easily accessed. Be sure to
keep this information safe and private.
Low Pass Filters
Since ADSL and telephone services share the same copper wiring to carry their respective signals, a filtering
mechanism may be necessary to avoid mutual interference. A low pass filter device can be installed for each telephone
that shares the line with the ADSL line. These filters are easy to install passive devices that connect to the ADSL device
and/or telephone using standard telephone cable. Ask your service provider for more information about the use of low
pass filters with your installation.
Operating Systems
The DSL-G684T uses an HTML-based web interface for setup and management. The web configuration manager may
be accessed using any operating system capable of running web browser software, including Windows 98 SE, Windows
ME, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.
Web Browser
Any common web browser can be used to configure the Router using the web configuration management software. The
program is designed to work best with more recently released browsers such as Opera, Microsoft Internet Explorer®
version 6.0, Netscape Navigator® version 6.2.3, or later versions. The web browser must have JavaScript enabled.
JavaScript is enabled by default on many browsers. Make sure JavaScript has not been disabled by other software (such
as virus protection or web user security packages) that may be running on your computer.
Ethernet Port (NIC Adapter)
Any computer that uses the Router must be able to connect to it through the Ethernet port on the Router. This
connection is an Ethernet connection and therefore requires that your computer be equipped with an Ethernet port as
well. Most notebook computers are now sold with an Ethernet port already installed. Likewise, most fully assembled
desktop computers come with an Ethernet NIC adapter as standard equipment. If your computer does not have an
Ethernet port, you must install an Ethernet NIC adapter before you can use the Router. If you must install an adapter,
follow the installation instructions that come with the Ethernet NIC adapter.
802.11b Wireless LAN Configuration
All the 802.11b wireless LAN settings may be configured on a single page using the web-based manager. For basic
wireless communication you need to decide what channel to use and what SSID to assign. These two settings must be
the same for any wireless workstations or other wireless access point that communicate with the DSL-G684T through
the wireless interface.
Security for wireless communication can be accomplished in a number of ways. The DSL-G684T supports WEP
encryption, 802.1X authentication, and WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access). Wireless access can also be controlled by
selecting MAC addresses that are allowed to associate with the device. Please read the section on Wireless
Additional Software
It may be necessary to install software on your computer that enables the computer to access the Internet. Additional
software must be installed if you are using the device a simple bridge. For a bridged connection, the information needed
to make and maintain the Internet connection is stored on another computer or gateway device, not in the Router itself.
If your ADSL service is delivered through a PPPoE or PPPoA connection, the information needed to establish and
maintain the Internet connection can be stored in the Router. In this case, it is not necessary to install software on your