NETGEAR FVS318 Router User Manual

Reference Manual for the Model FVS318 Cable/DSL ProSafe VPN Firewall
4 Glossary
Virtual Private Network. A method for securely transporting data between two
private networks by using a public network such as the Internet as a
See wide area network.
Wired Equivalent Privacy. WEP is a data encryption protocol for 802.11b
wireless networks. All wireless nodes and access points on the network are
configured with a 64-bit or 128-bit Shared Key for data encryption.
wide area network
WAN. A long distance link used to extend or connect remotely located local
area networks. The Internet is a large WAN.
Windows Internet
Naming Service
WINS. Windows Internet Naming Service is a server process for resolving
Windows-based computer names to IP addresses. If a remote network
contains a WINS server, your Windows PCs can gather information from that
WINS server about its local hosts. This allows your PCs to browse that remote
network using Network Neighborhood.
See Windows Internet Naming Service.