NETGEAR FVS318 Router User Manual

Reference Manual for the Model FVS318 Cable/DSL ProSafe VPN Firewall
1-4 Introduction
Browser-based management
Browser-based configuration allows you to easily configure your firewall from almost any
type of personal computer, such as Windows, Macintosh, or Linux. A user-friendly Setup
Wizard is provided and online help documentation is built into the browser-based Web
Management Interface.
Smart Wizard
The FVS318 automatically senses the type of Internet connection, asking you only for the
information required for your type of ISP account.
Remote management
The FVS318 allows you to login to the Web Management Interface from a remote location on
the Internet. For security, you can limit remote management access to a specified remote IP
address or range of addresses, and you can choose a nonstandard port number.
Visual monitoring
The firewall’s front panel LEDs provide an easy way to monitor its status and activity.
Maintenance and Support
NETGEAR offers the following features to help you maximize your use of the firewall:
Flash EPROM for firmware upgrade
Five-year warranty, two years on power adapter
Free technical support seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day